CHI Accents Woodtones Walnut

We love this line of doors and we cannot wait to share the new Walnut door with our customers!
CHI Accents Woodtones Walnut

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Who Can Pull A Permit in the County of San Bernardino?

According to the County of San Bernardino Building and Safety, "Only licensed contractors and property owners (Owner/Builder) may be issued building permits. Contractors must have the appropriate classification for the work, such as C36 for plumbing.  Contractors must have knowledge of their craft, be tested, fingerprinted, bonded, and have an FBI background check to be licensed by the Contractors State License Board". Why is this important to you? They insure that new construction or alterations to your property are done accurately and safely. Protect yourself. Protect your family. 

Recent Wood-Grain Steel Door Installations

Wood-Grain designed Steel Doors are a great alternative to traditional wood doors. So why choose steel doors? There are a number of benefits. They are Low Maintenance, offer several R-Value options, are more Cost Effective, Do Not Warp or Fade from the sun, and are Not Stained by the snow. Call Bear Valley Builders and Garage Doors to discuss the many options we have available 909-866-DOOR (3667). We look forward to hearing from you. 

CHI Overhead Doors Accents Woodtones in Walnut